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Cosplay at Kogan Con

Whenever you go to a “nerdy” convention, you will mostly likely see attendees dressed in costumes from all sort of different shows/comics/movies and the like. This is what we all know as cosplay!

Cosplay Contest

Want more of a challenge? There is the opportunity for awards and prizes, and to see the amazing skill of the other attendees on stage.

Cosplay Guidelines

When dressing up, please remember to keep it safe and appropriate! Make sure your cosplay doesn’t pose a risk of harm to yourself or those around you and follow the guideline below to ensure any necessary parts are covered entirely! 
Thank you for helping us keep cosplaying at our event safe and fun for everyone


Cosplay Lineup

Ready to show off your cosplay lineup for Kogan Con? 

Kogan Con 2024 - Cosplay Lineup

Cosplay Guests

Pink Opal Cosplay

Pink Opal Cosplay

Pink Petal Cosplay

Pink Petal Cosplay

Cosplay Photo Shoots and Meetups

Around the convention grounds during different times of the day, there will be groups of cosplayers having photo shoots. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other attendees with the same love of a fandom, meet new people (and even make new friendships), and get great pictures along the way!