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Gaming and Tournaments

Come play games and meet fellow gaming enthusiasts in the Kogan Con Game Room! Try new games or test your skills at a variety of table top, trading card, and video games.

Looking for more of a challenge?

Try entering one of our gaming tournaments
Go toe-to-toe with friends and even make some new ones along the way!


Tabletop and TCG Tournaments

Magic The Gathering Commander

Starting at 4:00 PM 

Video Game Tournaments

Pokémon Go Doubles

Starting at 12:00 PM

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Doubles

Starting at 1:30 PM
Read the rules here

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Starting at 2:30 PM

Tekken 8

Starting at 5:00 PM


Video Gaming and Table Top Gaming is a big part of Kogan Con’s experience for fans!
Enjoy retro games, newer games, tabletop games, RPGs, and more!