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Get Involved!

There’s a ton of ways to get involved with Kogan Con! Such as… 


Want to get involved with the Kogan Con Community?

Kogan Con is a non-profit event, so all of staff are volunteers! Volunteers are the lifeblood of the convention as much as the attendees are. Our staff works hard to be everywhere all at once, but unfortunately, that is just not possible. This is why we need volunteers! People with free time to help the hour-to-hour operations of the convention run smoothly so everyone can have a fun, safe, and nerdy weekend.

Every 4 hours of volunteer earns you….

1. General Admission badge cost refunded to you (Up to $15) and Volunteer Exclusive Kogan Con Swag


2. One 50% coupon off a Kogan Con Merch Item and and Volunteer Exclusive Kogan Con Swag

There are a number of positions available to those wishing to help out:

  • Door Badger: Checking for badges at different events and entrances to the convention
  • Registration Help: Helping attendees get registered and helping the registration staff keep everything running smoothly
  • Runner: Assisting various departments with general upkeep and tasks of their area to keep the convention running smoothly and on schedule.
  • Programming Assistant: Assisting the programming staff with general upkeep and tasks to keep panels and events running smoothly and on schedule.
  • Line Control: Assisting safety staff with ensuring that all event and programming lines are orderly and moving smoothly.

Host a Panel

Are you enthusiastic about a specific topic of anime, gaming, or pop culture? Do you want to share your enthusiasm with other fans? Do you enjoy entertaining and interacting with other fans of that topic? 

If so, host a panel! Our panel submissions are open right now, so sign up!
Panelist! After hosting two hours of panels, your badge will be upgraded to a VIP badge! Which includes perks such as…

  • Front of the line privileges!
  • Early Access to the Artist and Vendor Hall!

Vend with Us

Get Involved


Artist Alley Booth ( 6′ x 6′ ) – $75.00
Vendor Hall Booth ( 10′ x 10′ ) – $115.00

Code of Conduct

  1. Use Common Sense, Respect your fellow attendees.
  2. No live steel, keep it peace bound and in the sheath at all times.
  3. No real guns! Nothing that fires a projectile of any kind. No Airsoft. See: Weapons & Prop Policy
  4. No fighting! This includes, Sparring, or Play fighting.
  5. Sleeping in hallways or convention spaces is not allowed.
  6. Misuse of any property or convention space may result in permanent confiscation and/or expulsion.
  7. Report stolen or damaged property and/or personal injury to Kogan Con staff, do not try to take matters into your own hands.
  8. Please help us by respecting and following directions given from staff members.
  9. If it is illegal outside the hotel, it is illegal in the hotel.
  10. We work very hard to bring you this convention, please help us by following the rules and being polite and courteous to others.

General Notices

City of Grand Haven, Michigan Ordinances:

The city of Grand Haven, Michigan has many ordinances for such things as Parking, Noise, Animals in public spaces. Please see their website for more details – Grand Haven Website