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Cosplay Guests

Pink Opal Cosplay


Robin (aka, Pink Opal Cosplay) started cosplaying in 2020. Always having a passion for special effects make-up, Robin started to delve into costuming. While attending their first convention in 2017, they were inspired to segue into cosplay while overcoming adversity and stigmas. Being a member of the LGBTQ community, Robin has utilized their stance to bring awareness and acceptance to the
belief that ANYONE can cosplay! Finding an anime niche, Robin has cosplayed a multitude of characters with ease. They have hand sewn most of their costumes, and specializes in wig styling, & special FX! Robin’s award-winning costumes have inspired others to follow suit and enjoy the cosplay community!

When Robin isn’t making videos and new costumes, they are working a fulltime job and attending college full time, working towards a degree in early childhood development keeping those young minds inspired, too!

Pink Petal Cosplay


Brie, aka Pink Petal Cosplay, is a cosplayer that specializes in 3D printed cosplay props and weird fabrication methods.

They started cosplaying in 2016 and began making their own cosplays in 2020 – crafting cosplays to attend conventions as the characters that they love. They’re a firm believer in sharing knowledge for knowledge’s sake, and aim to encourage people to think outside the box, educate on topics such as electronics and 3D printing, and inspire people of all levels to continue to grow their skills in the ever-evolving hobby that is cosplay.

Media Guests


Scott Rosema


Scott Rosema has been in the comic book industry for over 30 years, working for such big names as Marvel Comics, DC comics, Archie Comics, TSR, and Disney, his work touching all sorts of characters over his career. Some of his notable works include Space Ghost, Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men Adventures, Scooby Doo, Prince of Egypt, Looney Toons, Dexter’s Laboratory, and many many more!!